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Our nimble team of industry experts understands the nuances of today’s ever-changing media landscape. We work hand-in-hand with clients to strategically develop imaginative public relations programs that deliver impactful results - reaching and resonating with our clients’ target markets through timely placements that influence the bottom line. Our personalized programs and proactive, tactical approach to storytelling makes NETTE a leader in helping brands tell their stories, continuously building upon the narrative long after launch. We boast an impressive network of long-term media and freelance contacts spanning print, online and broadcast channels and go above and beyond in personalizing our pitches to deliver exceptional ongoing coverage.

At NETTE, we take pride in becoming an extension of our clients’ brands. We leave no stone unturned in immersing ourselves in each client’s market to gain a thorough understanding of the industry. Our creative team is adept in developing messaging, positioning and copy that authentically reflect each brand’s unique voice and ethos, and runs through all communications and initiatives to ensure brand consistency. We’re always happy to offer strategic counsel related to branding, marketing, fundraising, events, pop-ups, partnerships and social, and specialize in developing innovative initiatives within realistic budgets.



The NETTE team believes firmly in the need to align brand marketing and public relations strategies. We specialize in developing concepts for out-of-the-box pop-ups, events, collaborations, promotions and stunts that enhance brand positioning and consumer awareness. Our collaborative relationships with clients are built on trust and honesty and our distinguished synchronized marketing and PR approach is proven to solidify our clients as conversation leaders in their specific industry.

Our team has a proven track record of helping brands gain global recognition through identifying and implementing strategic partnerships and out-of-the-box brand collaborations. We pride ourselves on determining authentic partnerships with like-minded brands aimed to not only boost recognition but also create meaningful, long-lasting relationships between partners.



Partner with NETTE for results-driven, end-to-end branded event production. From product launches and openings to experiential events and press familiarization tours, the team brings a unique aptitude for managing tactical requirements while maintaining a broader focus on the strategic landscape and greater brand story. NETTE creates memorable, shareable experiences built for maximum impact and tailored to each client’s specific needs. Our events are always well-attended by media, influencers and consumers.

Leverage the NETTE team’s extensive knowledge of industry trends, culture and emerging talent to heighten brand visibility through celebrity and influencer seeding. We work with internal teams to develop impactful social media strategies and integrated campaigns aimed to solidify brand positioning across various media platforms and support overall business objectives. From strategy and post planning to identifying and reaching relevant influencers, we ensure that clients’ social campaigns align with and support public relations and marketing initiatives.


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